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LlamaNodes provides public and premium RPCs with industry leading features, crypto payments, and no contracts.

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LlamaNodes does Web3 infrastructure The Crypto Way

Low Latency

With dynamic load balancing and intelligent caching, Llama RPCs are optimised for speed.


Llama RPCs are built with performant redundancy in mind, ensuring effectively infinite scalability and no downtime.

Advanced Monitoring Tools

Forecast usage, reduce costs, and never miss a beat with a powerful monitoring dashboard.

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No Contracts

With archived data routing your team only pays for what you need. Pay as you go with no contracts.


Geographically diverse infrastructure means your dApp is more resilient to censorship and centralised outages.

Privacy Conscious

With web 3 sign-in and crypto payments, developers can retain peace of mind.

Open Source

LlamaNodes is always open source and transparent.

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MEV Protect

Protect your transactions against MEV, while earning profits from backrunning.

Archive Data

Your blockchain time machine. Access historical states and information with ease.

Multi-Chain Support

With new chains added every month, LlamaNodes supports all your cross-chain needs. Whether you need Mainnet, Testnet, Devnet, Full or Archive Data, we have you covered.

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